Repair Day is coming soon…

Find out more about Repair Day from

Here are some ideas to get involved on the day:

  • Attend a community repair event
  • Support a local repair business
  • Fix something yourself, or share your skills with others
  • Share a picture of your repair (successful or not!) or of a memorable repair on here with this years theme #RepairEverywhere and #RepairDay
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New Year New Venue!

We are back with our in person events at a new venue in North Brighton. We will be able to help you fix clothing, textiles, small electrical goods, bric a brac and software issues on computers.

Pop along!

Join us on International Repair Day

10am-1pm on the 16th October at Albion Life

This will be our official re-launch of live events
(after several false starts).

Weather Permitting we will be out in the garden.
We ran a little test run in the summer and it was a great spot for hand sewing!

The event will be in the community garden, the hub & the car park area.

Albion Community Garden
Albion Street

There will be fixsters on hand to help you with bike repairing, electrical goods, darning and sewing.

We will also have someone on hand to help with computer repairs so if your laptop’s experiencing problems, please bring it along to the next Repair Café!

We’ll try and help with:

General advice, weird error messages or crashes.

Parts of the computer that don’t seem to be working (e.g. No sound, no wi-fi.)

Data recovery (for example, following a virus attack).  If you need to recover data, please bring a USB drive on to which any recovered data can be copied.

Operating System upgrades (e.g. from Windows 10 to Windows 11). If you have a licence key for your existing copy of Windows, please make a note of it. 

If you’re looking to install a new operating system or upgrade your existing one, please:

a) Back up any data on it that you’d like to keep before coming to the café

b) Make a note of any licence keys for software you’ve already purchased that you intend to re-install.

c) Note your email address and password for your main email address, and for any existing Microsoft (or Outlook or Hotmail) accounts that you have. We won’t ask you for these details, but you’ll need to have them during the installation process. If you don’t already have a Microsoft account and want one, we can help you set one up – it’s free.

We’re holding another online repair event!

Our team of amazing Fixsters will be online again and able to give you advice about fixing your broken objects – helping diagnose the problem, working out whether it can be repaired, how to go about it and where to get parts or help. All during an informal and friendly chat!

We can give advice on anything from clothing and textiles to electrical goods, furniture or computer, tablet or mobile phone software issues. We are limiting it to one item per person – so make it count!

To register your cherished item email and let us know what it is & the issue with it.

We will invite you to sign up with details about how the event works, then we’ll see you on the zoom call.

*If we have to restrict numbers places will be on a first come first served basis.

Our lovely repair volunteers are used to helping people learn to repair their things at our face to face monthly events. These online events are a bit different as we can’t get so hands on… BUT we’ve had some great sessions online so far and we’re looking forward to helping you next!

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