Brighton Repair Café – at the Waste House today! Come along with your broken things!

We will be at the Waste House, Brighton University as part of the Brighton Science Festival this Saturday – 27th February.

This will be from 12- 3pm

The Waste House is on the grounds of Brighton University,
58-67 Grand Parade, Brighton BN2 OJY. See map.

We will be able to help with electrical and electronic goods as well as anything that needs sewing, gluing & darning.

Come along with your broken things!

Our first Repair Cafe of the year: January 2016

Happy girls (who made us very happy) went back home with healed wounded teddies. Betty helped them while they watched attentively.

22 21 20

1Some glue on those favourite red shoes gave them a new life…


And of course, that awesome onesie! Ready to put on after Shirley got rid of a big hole.1813
Ernesto came along with a thread bare dressing gown, Shirley did wonders to sew up the large holes.
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Sam helped Lucy with her cup and fixed the button on her hat too.
8 11 10 Ruth’s William Morris umbrella was fixed by Michael with garden wire and a makeshift splint.9