May repairs at the Bevy…

IMG_9333Does anyone recognise this coffee grinder?! Mattia has fixed it, and we are now trying to
re-unite it with it’s owner!

IMG_9289Fernando’s present to Victoria and D, a beautiful teapot – has it’s chipped spout glued – with a special food safe adhesive. Now it is as good as new!

IMG_9327Alan takes on The Bevy’s broken fridge,
IMG_9300finding that all it needs is a fuse to bring it back to life.IMG_9299

Victoria helps a willing participant to restore her beloved jumperIMG_2161

 with a spot of darning.


IMG_9323Ross and Vikki donate a vintage sewing machine and show volunteers how to use it.


It proves great for machine darning.IMG_9308Father John’s cushions were brought in for some TLCIMG_9291after they were chewed by his dog!IMG_9305and are restored with hand and machine sewing.IMG_9312Alan shows Emma how to fix her fairy lights


meticulously checking each individual bulbIMG_2164

& bypassing the broken ones in the circuit.

IMG_9330Iain from Bike Brighton shows two people how to repair their bikes.


He demonstrates how to adjust the wheel if it is pulling to one side by tighten or loosen each spoke with a spoke wrench.IMG_2171