June Repairs at the Bevy

IMG_2350A list of all the repairs achieved during our June day at the Bevy, in Tom’s beautiful handwriting.

IMG_2308Dan changes the fuse on Bab’s hairdryer

IMG_2299and also helps Alan diagnose the problem with a Mitre saw, of which the switch component is broken.IMG_2326 Attempts are made to glue the broken part, but as it is very small and the glue not strong enough, a new component will need to be sourced before it can be fixed.

IMG_2314Success is achieved with other electrical goods. Alan fixes the loose head and plug on Francis’ lamp.IMG_2283Shirley helps Hannah mend her frayed sofa cushions IMG_2269and finds time to darn a hole in her jumper.

IMG_2344IMG_2345With help from Tom, Natalia shortens and hems the sleeves on a cardigan using visible herring bone stitch.IMG_2267IMG_2317IMG_2337IMG_2335Ruth darns a Christmas jumper and mends the waistband on her vintage skirt,IMG_2348whilst Ali adds a new wooden foot to her sewing box.IMG_2339Ali modifies another of Betty’s chairs to make it easier for her to sit on, by shortening the legs.IMG_2288 IMG_2347All in all, a good day of repairs at the Bevy.