New volunteers join us for the October Repair Café…



Leona and Victoria, currently on the 3D Design and Crafts BA at Brighton IMG_2874joined our gang of repairers at the Bevy.



IMG_2838Leona shortened the roll neck on Betty’s jumper by sewing it under.

IMG_2852Oliver Heath brought in a blender. The drive spindle was slipping stopping the blade from rotating. Unfortunately the part that needed repairing was inaccessible as it was encased in molded plastic.




IMG_2858Shirley repaired a frayed pocket on a top using satin stitch on the sewing machine.

IMG_2857IMG_2855Alan was able to fix Al’s tablet which was not charging by cleaning the port with alcohol cleaner.


Got some scary repairs you can’t face alone?


Bring them to our halloween repair café next Saturday!

We’ll be holding the repair cafe earlier than usual 11am-2pm. So there will be plenty of time to get home before all the ghosts and ghouls come out to play.

We will be able to help with electrical goods & furniture repairs as well as anything that needs sewing, gluing & darning.

This Saturday

We are back at The Bevy from 12-3pm.

We will be offering help with repairing bikes, electrical goods, gluing, darning & sewing.

We will also have the amazing Pocket Science Festival with their Mind Mangler Machine.
Bring your kids along!

August repairs at the Bevy

Michael helped Perry and Megan fix their outdoor solar lights which had accidentally been snipped through with gardening shears.
He re-combined the wires and secured them with electrical tape.

IMG_2622Perry and Megan also fixed the wire on their portable vacuum cleaner using a similar technique. On this occasion the wire had been damaged by a chewing pet rabbit!

IMG_9981Mattia was set with the challenge to fix a laptop.  The top line of the keyboard has ceased to work. IMG_2624Both he and Michael had to take the laptop completely apart before they could diagnose the problem. IMG_9998Dirt had accumulated in the recess between the keys. Beatricia used a tooth brush to remove it. IMG_9997Michael had the daunting task of putting the computer back together. IMG_2634With help from Izzie, Valerie took the hem up on a pair of her son’s jeans.IMG_2601After trying many, many different screwdrivers Kate found one that would fit the unusual star shaped screw head. Once she got in it was relatively easy to fix her glue gun.IMG_2596IMG_9992Victoria fastened the belt loop back on to her maternity jeansIMG_9970IMG_9971

Sewing a small denim patch on the inside to reinforce the loop.IMG_2592

July’s repair café

was a fairly quiet but we still got a fair few things fixed…


This lovely vintage vanity case needed a bit of TLC.IMG_9780

The lining was re – glued where it had come away from the case (due to the age of the glue).

Another vintage item, brought in by Ruth was this lovely leather jacket


which had its buttons sewn back on.IMG_9773

A draw which had its handle come loose IMG_9762

was glued back on by Babs using two-part epoxyIMG_9763

One chap brought in a temperamental hedge strimmer for some adviceIMG_9752

along with his own tools.IMG_9754

With some guidance from Mattia the device was taken apart to access the switch.IMG_9758

After a bit of a struggle to get to the right part it was fixed.IMG_9757

It will be tested in action to see if the problem is totally resolved.IMG_9750

Eva brought along her radioIMG_9748

Mattia diagnosed that the capacitor was the problemIMG_9767

and went about replacing it.IMG_9768

I brought along a favourite cardigan that had a frayed sleeve.IMG_9769

Blue wool had been used to prevent it from fraying further.IMG_9770

Tom went about showing me how to reknit it with orange woolIMG_9778

to create this lovely visible mend.IMG_9783A quick fix at the end of this session on one chaps blend left him rather chuffed.IMG_9784

We love it when people bring in their handmade projects to show us
& this is hand knitted Noah’s ark was no exception.
IMG_9759The lapping waves at he bottom of the are an especially nice detail!

June Repairs at the Bevy

IMG_2350A list of all the repairs achieved during our June day at the Bevy, in Tom’s beautiful handwriting.

IMG_2308Dan changes the fuse on Bab’s hairdryer

IMG_2299and also helps Alan diagnose the problem with a Mitre saw, of which the switch component is broken.IMG_2326 Attempts are made to glue the broken part, but as it is very small and the glue not strong enough, a new component will need to be sourced before it can be fixed.

IMG_2314Success is achieved with other electrical goods. Alan fixes the loose head and plug on Francis’ lamp.IMG_2283Shirley helps Hannah mend her frayed sofa cushions IMG_2269and finds time to darn a hole in her jumper.

IMG_2344IMG_2345With help from Tom, Natalia shortens and hems the sleeves on a cardigan using visible herring bone stitch.IMG_2267IMG_2317IMG_2337IMG_2335Ruth darns a Christmas jumper and mends the waistband on her vintage skirt,IMG_2348whilst Ali adds a new wooden foot to her sewing box.IMG_2339Ali modifies another of Betty’s chairs to make it easier for her to sit on, by shortening the legs.IMG_2288 IMG_2347All in all, a good day of repairs at the Bevy.

This Saturday…

We will have volunteers on hand to show you how to repair your broken electrical goods and things that need gluing, as well as any clothing that needs sewing or darning.

Sadly no bikes, furniture or jewellery this time. Unless anyone would like to offer their skills?

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 21.16.08

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