Our first Repair Cafe of the year: January 2016

Happy girls (who made us very happy) went back home with healed wounded teddies. Betty helped them while they watched attentively.

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1Some glue on those favourite red shoes gave them a new life…


And of course, that awesome onesie! Ready to put on after Shirley got rid of a big hole.1813
Ernesto came along with a thread bare dressing gown, Shirley did wonders to sew up the large holes.
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Sam helped Lucy with her cup and fixed the button on her hat too.
8 11 10 Ruth’s William Morris umbrella was fixed by Michael with garden wire and a makeshift splint.9

Repairs in November…

signAnna and Shirley created a patch for Anna’s favorite coat which had a torn lining under the arm.




Hannah fixed the belt hoop on her trousers by inserting a piece of fabric where a tear had developed.

trousersSam created a button hole on a skirt that originally fastened with a hook and eye.

2015-11-28-14.012015-11-28-14.032015-11-28-14.05She was shown by Shirley how to use the button hole feature on her sewing machine.


Ali started to make stands for the Bevy Christmas decorations out of sections of tree trunk

2015-11-28-14.402015-11-28-12.57and fixed an old kitchen chair.

IMG_2931A coffee machine, that was failing to let coffee through was checked out by Mattia. He diagnosed that nothing was blocking the group head so he suggested running some de-scaler through it. If this doesn’t work then Elena will bring it back and Mattia will take it apart for a more detailed examination.

2015-11-28-12.28IMG_2929IMG_2933Mattia repaired Sarah’s lamp by changing the fuse to a 3 amp.


2015-11-28-14.022015-11-28-14.02Danny a new volunteer, took a look at Betty’s portable CD system. Unfortunately it couldn’t be repaired as the lazer had stopped working – a very common problem.


Blown a Fuse

Unfortunately, due to work commitments we have lost our electrical repair expert for this Saturday’s repair cafe, but don’t you worry we will still be getting together at Bom-bane’s to mend textiles, clothing and jewellery and have a cuppa.

We’ll have a sewing machine and other tools and materials for sewing, darning, crocheting, fixing clasps and re-threading earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Come and say hello, or to fix that hole you’ve been putting off all this time!