Merry May Mending


Sam (who co-organises Brighton Repair Café) turned her making skills to use, showing Sarah how to replace the disintegrated rubber seal on a coffee maker with a new one.


Fiona of The Lost Mitten Project talked Stacey through how to repair the ladders in a favourite top, suggesting that after darning the holes that she could crochet a motifs to cover them.IMG_5036Stacey decided on a raindrop shape and Fiona showed her how to create them.

Juan Carlos and Miriam who we met at Brighton’s Green Drinks brought along a lamp that had stopped working.IMG_5031In a jiffy Mattia had diagnosed that it was a blown fuse and showed the couple how to replace it as they had never been taught how before.IMG_5032

Dan brought back some speakers that he fixed at a previous event and had further problems with. After a chat with Mattia they worked out what needed to be done and Dan used the soldering iron to make the repair.IMG_5053

Ali and his Dad sanded down toy catapults that had a sharp edges which were causing the cord to frayIMG_5040

 whilst Hannah and Irenka sewed up tears in their tops.


Sarah also brought an ipod speaker which needed some repairs to the circuit board.IMG_5041John came along to learn how to do electrical repairs from Mattia and volunteered to be his apprentice at future events.
IMG_5054Kelly replaced the clasp on her bag.

IMG_5045And all the while the talented D White tickled the ivories and Rafa Zabuski strummed along playing a range of classical, covers and original music.

February’s Repair Café


brought some new faces


who were shown how to darn


and patchIMG_3543

to make links


in order to fix jewellery


We had a visit from a lady who is knitting a map of Brighton


& Dan fashioned a nifty bike basket rack


out of coat hangers!




Roll Up for the Bridge Circus

This Monday & Tuesday we will be holding a mendathon a Brighton University as part of the Bridge Circus Symposium  to see how many things we can fix in two days, whilst challenging people to actively occupy their objects rather than passively consume and dispose of them.


Volunteers will be on hand with a range of skills to help people to fix their things throughout the day in the space between the gallery and the Cafeteria. Bring your clothes, bikes, jewellery and other broken items and we will endeavour to help you fix them.

Find us at Brighton University’s Grand Parade Campus between the canteen and the gallery between 10am and 6pm.

We are looking forward to our new volunteer Christine from Be Crafty joining us to help out with textile & clothing repair.

Repair stories from Magpie’s Eco-Festival

We were invited to hold an outdoor repair café at Magpie’s Eco Festival. The event was held at Magpie’s fantastic Shabitat warehouse where they sell second hand goods from clothes to furniture.

Set in Saunders Park, the festival was a fun mix of great local music, food, drink and eco-projects and craftspeople.


We held our café under canvas with a prime view of the main stage.


A range of repairs were undertaken by people who had brought things to fix with the help of our volunteers…


Sometimes all that is needed is a simple change of fuse…


and a bit of re-wiring


trimming and stripping the wires


before putting them back in place in the plug


and hey presto, the lamp works again!


A rip in a coat was assessed


and a technique for mending it was demonstrated



before the coats owner completed the repair with the new skill she had learnt.


Our new home…

is at the all new Seven Bees Café in St George’s Church, St George’s Road, Kemp Town, Brighton BN2 1ED. IMG_5488

Where we aim to hold a repair cafe on the last Saturday of every month (except December).

At our first event there we had a few new people join us to darn…IMG_5465

sew and staple!


Isaac helped to replace a watch battery


using Mattia’s tools.


Izzie gave sewing and jewellery repair advice


Tom brought along a great book


with an amazing cover!


and guided us with our darning repairs

IMG_5463 IMG_2664IMG_2665

Mattia, busy as ever, helped Iain the café owner to repair his toaster




and a vacuum cleaner


Super fun fixing at Super + Super

A great evening was spent at Super + Super fixing electrical goods, necklaces, sunglasses, gloves & elbows on a cardigan as well as adapting trousers and lightbulbs to make them more useable.

IMG_3726 IMG_3725 IMG_3723 IMG_3722 IMG_3717 IMG_3712

We can’t wait for the next session at Super + Super on Friday 12th July from 6.30-8.30pm.

There will be opportunities to mend textiles, electrical, jewellery as well as ceramics or anything else which needs fixing back together with Araldite or Sugru!


We can’t promise one of Izzie’s cakes (Mmm) again but there will be tea and other snacks available and we will be asking for donations towards the materials, refreshments and the cost of running the space (suggested donation £2).

If you would like to bring something electrical to fix please post a photo and description of the problem here, or on the facebook group or email so that our volunteers can diagnose whether it is something that can be fixed and bring the right parts to help you mend it.