Repair Café – This coming Saturday – 24th June

We will be at the usual location at FIELD Brighton for our next Repair Café, between 1 pm and 4 pm.






Do you have broken fans, BBQs, juicers, swimming goggles? Does your favourite beach towel or swimming costume need sewing or darning?  This is the time to bring them to the Repair Café!

We will be able to fix electronic and electrical goods and anything that needs sewing, darning or glueing.

Tom of Holland will be with us and so will Mattia and Shirley.

See you there!

What we did in May

These well loved brogues were brought in by Sam as the fabric part has worn through.
Tom of Holland has done some beautiful visible mending on them.
He was using a weaving darning technique which required great attention to detail!


Tom from the Old Tree brought in his strimmer and got help to take it apart and see what had stopped working.

Shirley reinforced the joins on this vintage bag as the glue had started to decay.

Alan tackled another toaster and got it working again.
Another happy ‘customer’.
Ali found a way to put the flip back in these flops.
Making a hole in the rubber toe insert…
and two holes in the dips in the sole to weave some sturdy thread through.
Ta da!
Shirley turned this well worn favourite shirt into a collarless one.
She then used the material from the collar to patch & reinforce other holes in the sleeves.
A clever bit of stitching makes it look part of the design.
This couple were very happy with their fixed kettle and radio that Alan helped them to repair.
One couple from Rhodesia came for some advice about a digital radio that was being somewhat unreliable. They told us about the thriving repair culture where they came from & how they missed it here.
Tom & Shirley gave advice about how to fix this beautiful vintage silk petticoat bought in a car boot sale.
Tom brought along his Beeswax Bar (from Dockerills) that you run your threads over to make them smoother for sewing.
It also has plenty of other uses!
Shirley gave advice on how to sew a hem on a woollen coat & decided hand stitching would be preferable.
A slow and steady day with plenty of new faces who came to join us.





Next Saturday 27th May

We will be holding our Repair Café at FIELD Brighton as usual from 1-4pm.

We will be fixing electrical goods, clothing, textiles and other bits and bobs. We will also have Tom of Holland & his darning skills at this event so catch him while you can!

FIELD is also part of the Artist Open Houses this month. So come and check out the exhibitions whilst you are visiting us.