Repair Volunteers

Brighton Repair Café was established by Victoria Jackson-White, Izzie Roffe-Silvester and Susan Malmqvist


Susanne has now moved away from Brighton but is still one of our gang and is hoping to start a repair cafe in Sweden.

Izzie, who makes her own jewellery, now volunteers at repair café events helping with jewellery & clothing repairs and alterations.

Victoria along with Samantha Jarman take care of the social media, marketing and organisation of the events whilst researching the impact of repair and the global repair movement.

BRC Studio printing

They are both designers and tinkerers who enjoy problem solving to repair things and are keen to become expert fixsters one day!

We have an amazing team of fixters who help out at the repair café sessions they offer their skills, time, tools and experience for free to help others learn how to repair their things and their a lovely bunch of people too!


Tom of Holland is our darning expert who repairs knitwear: socks, jumpers, scarves, hats. He uses Visible Mending in his work to make repair a feature and not something to hide.


Mattia is our electrical guru. Although in his own words he “ain’t no McGuiver” he was given a screwdriver at age 2 and grew up tinkering with electricals and has a consistently good track record of repairs at events!


Dan is one of our bike repair volunteers, he is a cycling enthusiast and has learnt to maintain and repair bikes in his spare time.


Roberto our other bike repair volunteer is also a tinkerer who maintains his own bicycle in his spare time


Christine is handy with all things crafty, especially crochet mending techniques.


We are always looking for more people to help us run repair sessions.

You don’t have to be an expert but if you know how to repair clothing, bikes, furniture, electrical appliances, audio equipment, computers, shoes, jewellery, upholstery or have other skills to offer and would like to become one of our volunteers please email us via

2 thoughts on “Repair Volunteers”

  1. Is there anywhere on your website that says when your events are going to be held (and where)? I would like to come and see the scheme in action, then I might be able to help in some capacity. Peter.

    1. Hi Peter,

      We set the date month by month as it depends on volunteer and venue availability. On the right hand side of our home page there is a countdown to the next event with times and venue. If you scroll further down and enter your email address you will receive our updates when we have the dates confirmed.

      If you can make it to the next event on 25th April at The Bevy we’d love to meet you and to chat about you getting involved.


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