Repair Cafe at Brighton University

Yesterday we held a Repair Café at Brighton University as part of #greenweek2013. We set up at the back of the canteen at the Grand Parade campus and were joined for a chat by students and staff.


Jewellery tools, darning and stitching were used to repair clothing and accessories and an accidental colour theme emerged!


The Swiss darning taught by Tom of Holland in the previous repair cafe progressed and a map of Great Britain now seems to be taking shape on the elbow of my favourite cardigan!

By request we will hold a weekly repair cafe in the same place on Thursday afternoons from 2-4pm during term time. This is open to all staff and students at Brighton University. Participation is free or by donation towards materials and tools. Spread the word!

Next Cafe to be held at Brighton University’s Green Week Event

We will be taking part in Brighton University’s Green Week by holding a repair cafe at the Grand Parade Campus cafe from 12-4pm… Exciting!


Students and staff please bring along clothing and textiles to repair there will be sewing machines availbale.

Or pop along to have a chat about future repair cafe sessions.

First (official-un-official) Repair Cafe

What a great repair session! Last Saturday’s theme was textiles and clothing with a particular focus on darning.

IMG_3522   IMG_3487

The talented Tom of Holland came bearing darning mushrooms, wool and needles and showed us how to use visible mending to repair our holey (not holy) clothes.

IMG_3497   IMG_3501

Socks were brought

IMG_3502   IMG_3504

and mended

IMG_3515   IMG_3518

as were slippers

IMG_3493   IMG_3496

and other knitwear

IMG_3492   IMG_3491

and a pair of boots.


Then there was the revival of my treasured gloves…

IMG_0616   IMG_0622

using a crochet hook to repair the ladder on the thumb


then blanket stitch to reinforce the edge and to stop it laddering again

IMG_0625   IMG_0626

before sewing the ends diagonally across the inside of the glove (because according to Tom knots won’t hold).


The finished gloves repaired with contrasting thread to make sure the repair is visible… so satisfying!

Darn it!

Breaking news…

This Saturday we will have Tom of Holland (one of our repair expert volunteers) joining us to share his knitwear darning expertise:


If you have socks with holes in, jumpers with worn out elbows or clothes that moths have been munching bring them along and learn how to darn them better.

We will have some needles, threads and darning mushrooms at the cafe but if you have any you can bring that would be most helpful.

The cafe will run from 11am-3pm this Saturday (23rd February) at Bom-Banes (24 George St  Kemp Town, Brighton BN2 1RH).

We will also have sewing machines set up for those who would prefer and you are welcome to bring other items to repair by hand.

If you would like to become one of our repair expert volunteers please email us via

Repair Cafe – Pilot Part Deux

Our second trial Repair Cafe was held in Bom-Bane’s again. With new people coming to mend a mixture of things.


As it was 1st December old wool was turned into Christmas pom-poms.


Broken necklaces were remade into bracelets and new necklaces.


Jasmin learnt how to make a bracelet.


…And plans were made for the new year