August repairs at the Bevy

Michael helped Perry and Megan fix their outdoor solar lights which had accidentally been snipped through with gardening shears.
He re-combined the wires and secured them with electrical tape.

IMG_2622Perry and Megan also fixed the wire on their portable vacuum cleaner using a similar technique. On this occasion the wire had been damaged by a chewing pet rabbit!

IMG_9981Mattia was set with the challenge to fix a laptop.  The top line of the keyboard has ceased to work. IMG_2624Both he and Michael had to take the laptop completely apart before they could diagnose the problem. IMG_9998Dirt had accumulated in the recess between the keys. Beatricia used a tooth brush to remove it. IMG_9997Michael had the daunting task of putting the computer back together. IMG_2634With help from Izzie, Valerie took the hem up on a pair of her son’s jeans.IMG_2601After trying many, many different screwdrivers Kate found one that would fit the unusual star shaped screw head. Once she got in it was relatively easy to fix her glue gun.IMG_2596IMG_9992Victoria fastened the belt loop back on to her maternity jeansIMG_9970IMG_9971

Sewing a small denim patch on the inside to reinforce the loop.IMG_2592

One thought on “August repairs at the Bevy”

  1. I love reading about all your clever repairs. I live too far away to attend, but I wish I could. You are an inspiration. I had to take apart my Rowenta iron which wasn’t working. From what I found online, I thought it would be the wiring inside being pinched, as others had experienced. I had to ask a friend with a set of star screwdrivers for help getting the star screws out. What I discovered was, A) the problem was actually in the area around the plug. Even though it looked fine, apparently there was a bad connection there. I taped something around it to stiffen the cord so it doesn’t bend just where it enters the plug. It’s fine now. B) I went through my (unintentionally) vast collection of screwdrivers and found a slotted screwdriver that spans the star screw perfectly and worked fine at screwing it back in. (Also discovered later that if I had a tidy, organized workbench, I’d be aware of the star screwdriver set I actually own but had forgotten about.)

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