In April

The Bevy community pub kindly invited us to hold our event in their café area.IMG_8985

This was our first time there and we were made to feel most welcome with a steady stream of  throughout the afternoon joining us to learn how to fix their things.


The first challenge was a sunrise alarm clockIMG_8997

which was fixed by creating a replacement part from a used food can from the kitchen!


Whilst Betty welcomed a new comer to the repair café and explained how it worksIMG_8979

Ali went to work on her stool in the sheltered outside areaIMG_8988

He cut the legs down


so that the stool would be the right height for Betty to sit comfortably.


Ali plans to make the offcuts into tool handles so that nothing is wasted!


The guitar pedal that was diagnosed at a previous repair cafe


was brought back for a follow up treatment


and to provide Mattia with a complex and ongoing repair challenge! 


The owner of the pedal also brought his home-made instrument made from a re-used cigar box


and amplified through an old analogue radio!


Tom brought along his darning to help him demonstrate to others how to create beautiful visible mends through using contrasting threads


Whilst outside BikeBrighton were busy all afternoon.


Plenty of bikes were brought along


for Iain to take a look at and help people to fix them up ready for the cycling season.


An innocent looking hairdryer


created quite a challenge when it came to trying to open it up.


Tom had to adapt a flathead screwdriver to fit the unusual head.


Even then it took both Tom and Mattia to get into the device!


Once inside it was possible to access the heat element and find out what had stopped it from working.


One lady brought her bell tent along as the zip had broken.


Eva assessed the best approach and advised where to get a replacement zip so that it could be brought to the next repair café to replace it.


The lever on a toaster was repaired after a little persuasion


and other electrical goods were assessed and their repairability discussed


All in all it was a successful day with these things repaired and more!

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