October’s Repair Café

We had a great range of objects brought along to the repair café in October.IMG_6936

Ross brought along a lovely pair of boots with loose stitching.

IMG_6939IMG_6941First the seams on the toe upper and back were glued back together,


before a leather needle and some strong thread was used IMG_6953to re-inforce the stitching,

with help from Sam who trained as a shoemaker.

Mattia showed someone how to clean the points on their coffee grinder.IMG_6950IMG_6937

Tom initiated a new darner into the world of visible mendingIMG_6944

made even more visible using Sam’s magnifying glass!IMG_6987

A whole host of darners then joined his table.IMG_6979

Introducing our newest volunteer, Felix,IMG_6966

who came along to shadow Ali and help with furniture repair.

Felix and Dan got to work fixing a small loom which Ali had found in a skip.IMG_6933

Tom then explained how it could be used to weave scarves.

Tom brought along his kettle with a cracked broken handle.IMG_6948

After he had cleaned the surfaces and scored the metal where it contacted the plastic parts 

Victoria then formed Sugru (a mouldable glue that turns into rubber) and used it to re-attach the handle and seal the cracks. IMG_6977

One gentleman brought along an alarm clock which he was very fond of for Mattia to diagnose.



Another lady who was passing by happened to have a favourite bag with a problematic zip.

Victoria showed her how to sew up the end to stop it coming apart

and she went away pleased with her fixed bag and new skill!

Stacey brought in some slippers that were starting to fall apart at the seams.

Sam showed her how to sew them up again.


One young lady brought along some ripped jeansIMG_6957

Victoria showed her how to pin a new patch over the knee.

Then Betty showed her how to use the sewing machine

and Vikki helped her with some tricky partsIMG_6995

before she proudly showed off her handiwork!IMG_6993A camera with a broken catch


was glued and left to dry IMG_6994
whilst it’s owner met some other friendly faces and had a cuppa.

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