March’s Repair Cafe

We were at St George’s Church where we met Geraldine.

IMG_3958Who needed Sam’s help to fix her handbag…

IMG_3960 After unscrewing the clasp


and feeding the material back in the clasp was screwed back together and the repair was complete!


Mattia’s skills were needed by one of our youngest fixers yet


to help fix her toy train.


Mike brought along his broken FreeSat Recorder.

IMG_3956The circuit board was taken out after a bit of persuasion IMG_3961to change one of the resistors


and although we couldn’t test it at the time Mike emailed us when he got home to say it was fixed.


Mattia went on to help another chap fix his speakers.


Tom showed us some new darning techniques


and a lovely old darning mushroom with a built-in light (with original battery)!

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