Brighton Repair Café’s 1st Birthday Party

BRC Studio printing

After printing the postersIMG_3725We put them up around Kemp Town.

The talented Lucy Jane Keay made us bunting and sent it down from Scotland.

IMG_3915We dusted off the badge making machine

IMG_3926and made limited edition badges,


 whilst getting St George’s Church ready for the party.IMG_3932

Iain from Seven Bees Café prepared a feast of delicious mexican food
& Izzie made two birthday cakes!


 Then the place filled up as the bands started playing.


The Dobly Brothers gave a great performance of covers accompanied by D on piano for one number.IMG_5578

The talented guitarist and singer Jackos joined the marvellous Irish folk band Homebrood on stageIMG_5565

Some fantastic youngsters got up and sang with Steve from the Dobly Brothers.IMG_3942

In between sets Jon from Homebrood played some swing and him and his wife showed off their moves.IMG_5575

I got to chat with Nigel (of Nigel’s Eco Store) and relax with a few beers – they weren’t all mine!IMG_5576

Volunteers like our wonderful darning expert Tom of Holland got to relax for the evening.


But our new mascot for the night wore out some of the guests on the dance floor!


One thought on “Brighton Repair Café’s 1st Birthday Party”

  1. It was a great night.
    It was actually Vasco from Dobly Brothers accompanying the youngster. Said youngster was my son Jimmy

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