Roll Up for the Bridge Circus

This Monday & Tuesday we will be holding a mendathon a Brighton University as part of the Bridge Circus Symposium  to see how many things we can fix in two days, whilst challenging people to actively occupy their objects rather than passively consume and dispose of them.


Volunteers will be on hand with a range of skills to help people to fix their things throughout the day in the space between the gallery and the Cafeteria. Bring your clothes, bikes, jewellery and other broken items and we will endeavour to help you fix them.

Find us at Brighton University’s Grand Parade Campus between the canteen and the gallery between 10am and 6pm.

We are looking forward to our new volunteer Christine from Be Crafty joining us to help out with textile & clothing repair.

2 thoughts on “Roll Up for the Bridge Circus”

  1. Where will the repair cafe be at the University? I have a heavy ghetto blaster type machine that has a CD stuck inside.I would really like to be able to use uit again. I also have a faulty CD player that I’m happy to freegle if we can get it working. Regards, Pam Gell

    1. Hi Pam,

      It will be at the Grand Parade Campus between the gallery and the canteen. We don’t have our usual electrical expert with us but one of our volunteers may be able to help you so come along from 10am.


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