We need your testimonials…

We are currently applying for funding for the Brighton Repair Café and we need testimonials (statements extolling the virtue) of your experiences of the repair cafe.



This could be as someone who follows the blog/other social media or who has attended the events.

Any help would be much appreciated!

From the Brighton Repair gang

9 thoughts on “We need your testimonials…”

  1. I mended my lovely toaster that had laid idle for many months. It makes me smile each time I use it that Mattea patiently waited at the Repair Cafe whilst I found time to do my repair with his help. It’s such a simple idea but it’s meaning is profound. Share knowledge & conserve the earth’s precious resources. And eat cake while doing so!

  2. I haven’t yet attended an event, but follow the blog with interest, as I believe the Repair Cafe is such a great project. Teaching people to fix rather than throw away is a win win, in terms of learning new skills and sustainability. I also like the other benefit of creating a community through shared knowledge & experience, aided by tea & cake! I will hopefully come along to join in soon.

  3. Too far to attend the Brighton Repair Cafe but I think it is an excellent concept and it would be great to have a loads more around the country. I hope you receive funding, you deserve to and I hope you grow and inspire loads of kids who have missed out on a DIY/make do and mend upbringing.

  4. I arrived at the Repair Cafe in St George’s Church with a holey cardigan and tatty coat, and left with two gloriously restored items that looked like new! Two items saved from landfill, and what’s more, I learned new skills and felt I’d made friends over coffee and cakes with the lovely volunteers. Thank you all, I’m now busy spreading the word around Kemptown.

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