High Voltage

We were so pleased to have a new volunteer on board for the last repair café… Mattia who has just arrived from Italy with lots of electrical repair skills and brought with him a great kit to help us repair our electrical goods.

IMG_3605   IMG_3539   IMG_3552

Mattia got to work straight away helping to fix my solar powered garden lights that had a loose switch. Stage one was to open up the control box and switch to find out what was going on inside.

IMG_3542      IMG_3558

Then in discovering that one of the small metal sliding elements (which forms a circuit to enable the lights to turn on) had fallen out of the switch and was loose in the control box it was possible to put it back in it’s place.

IMG_3543      IMG_3546

Then putting the switch back into its case we discovered that a small metal sphere was also loose in the control box. This tiny piece of metal is what gives the switch the tension to click into place. So we popped it back in then screwed everything back in place.

IMG_3540      IMG_3560

And hey presto, the lights then worked. It was great to be guided through this process to give me the confidence to open up the device and see what was going on inside without worrying about electrocuting myself accidentally! It felt like detective work and now my lights are fully functioning in time for lighting up summer evenings in my garden.

Then Zosia of Lonely Parts brought along her kettle to fix and found another kettle which had been left out in the street on the way to the cafe. She brought it along in case she needed the parts from one to fix the other, but managed to fix both very easily and went home with two kettles!

IMG_3565 IMG_3568 IMG_3571IMG_3564 IMG_3582


Then Mattia moved on to help Sam repair her reading lamp whilst others darned, sewed and repaired jewellery.



IMG_3597 IMG_3574 IMG_3587 IMG_3591


What a productive day! And to top it all off Donald from Radio Reverb came along to interview organisers and participants, which can be heard if you click here.


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