Saturday’s Repair Cafe

Last Saturday’s Repair Cafe was great fun. We met lots of new faces some of whom came along having seen this in The Argus:


Izzie our jewellery expert showed people how to fix their necklaces and bracelets


Helping Hannah add new beads in with the remains of a necklace which had exploded to create a lovely new bracelet.


Whilst in darning corner…


Tom of Holland showed others how to mend the holes in their clothes:


Hedvig mended the elbow of her sweater


Irene repaired a moth hole with a lovely contrasting colour of thread


And Susanne used a red to pick out and match some of the colour details in her sweater


I learnt how to use a combination of blanket stitch and feather stitch to darn up moth holes in a favourite woollen dress to create a second layer of pattern over the dresses pattern.


The sewing machine was put to good use as usual


And Izzie won Fred’s heart through helping him to mend his pockets!


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